The InterContinental Music Awards Announces 54 Global Winners and a Promising New Icon: Heerraa

Winners of the 10th Annual InterContinental Music Awards 2022

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InterContinental Music Awards Hosts: Karen Lorre and Shahed Mohseni

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Heerraa is the first ICon award winner for the InterContinental Music Awards. win a cash prize of $1,000; his song “Feel Alive” won Best of North America in the Pop Song category.

The global, diverse and inclusive organization livestreamed its 10th annual awards ceremony from Los Angeles; the replay will soon be available on YouTube.

Our continental approach offers musicians around the world a chance to be seen and rewarded for their artistic endeavors, regardless of where they live, gender, ethnicity, nationality, color or race.

— Shahed Mohseni, Founder and Executive Director

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 9, 2022 / — Musical artists and their fans from around the world gathered online last Sunday for the 10th annual InterContinental Music Awards, a Los Angeles-based competition that honors musical works from around the world in 145 genres, from 35 countries , on 7 continents. The mission of the InterContinental Music Awards (aka the “ICMAs”) is to foster peace and unity through the universal language of music, recognizing global talent and helping artists build their careers. A complete list of the 54 winners in 2022 is available on the official website:

The ICMAs were presented live on Zoom by ICMA Founder and Executive Director Shahed Mohseni and actress-author-coach Karen Lorre, and each official winner was invited to deliver a live acceptance speech. For many, it was a unique opportunity to gain beneficial recognition – and media images – internationally and in their home countries. Entry options are categorized by continent or geographic region, then by musical genre.

Submitted songs are privately evaluated by an independent jury of artists, ethnomusicologists, producers and executives working in Hollywood’s music, entertainment, film and media industries. Using a standard form, songs are scored on originality, melody, harmony, composition, and quality of production. To see the jury:

Heerra, a dynamic young independent artist from Malaysia, was the recipient of the organization’s new ICon award, an award tier added this year in honor of the 10th anniversary celebration. The ICon award, which is similar to “Best in Show”, is chosen by the jury from the group of all continental winners; The entry for Heerraa’s song “Feel Alive” won Best of North America for Pop. She is a sophomore at Harvard University and co-founder/advisor of Ascendance, an international youth movement. The ICon award winner receives a cash prize of $1,000, which was sponsored and presented live by Beth Ann Hilton of Hilton Entertainment LLC, a Los Angeles-based communications company.

Mohseni started InterContinental Live Concerts over a decade ago to bring other international students together in Cyprus where he attended Eastern Mediterranean University. He eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue an education in music business, while expanding awards and focusing on producing online events during the pandemic. He says, “Our goal is to evaluate music differently than standard award show categories, using a more global and ethnic perspective. Our continental approach offers musicians around the world a chance to be seen and rewarded for their artistic endeavors, regardless of where they live, gender, ethnicity, nationality, color or race. We accept and celebrate music from all seven continents; it really means a lot to me to host artists in regions or countries that restrict freedom of music.

ICMA Winners receive career-enhancing prizes, including a DIY music school scholarship, one-on-one coaching, mentorship from jury members, Star Spot feature, a chance to perform in future intercontinental concerts, discounts on software and an official ICMA award certificate. Prizes vary from year to year depending on sponsorships; Brand Partnership Decks are now available for the 2023 Awards.

Interested musicians, producers, performers and songwriters can participate in the 2023 InterContinental Music Awards, which will begin accepting online submissions for an “early bird” fee on September 1, 2022, via a link on the organization’s official website. .

A full replay of the 2022 InterContinental Music Awards will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks; visit the organization’s official YouTube channel to watch music videos of ICMA award winners on

Interview requests are welcome for ICMA Founder and Executive Director, Shahed Mohseni, Jury members and all ICMA 2022 winners. For more information, please contact Beth Hilton of The B Company via [email protected].

About the InterContinental Music Awards
Founded in 2011 by Shahed Mohseni, the InterContinental Music Awards are committed to championing musical diversity and promoting unity among all peoples of the earth. The awards program is open to musicians worldwide, who compete against their peers across geographic regions and in more than 145 musical genres. To date, ICMA has recognized over 274 talented musicians in 38 countries. Winners benefit from the educational and promotional opportunities provided by ICMA, allowing them to advance their musical careers.

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Official video: Feel Alive by Heerraa

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