Supporting healthy pregnancies in Afghanistan, continued aid to Ukraine

By Maeve O’Connor

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 303 medical aid shipments requested in 41 U.S. states and territories and six countries around the worldincluding Ukraine.

The shipments contained 4.2 million defined daily doses of medicationincluding mental health drugs, antibiotics, chronic disease drugs, nutritional products, insulin, and cancer treatments.

This week, 1.2 million daily doses of prenatal vitamins for women have arrived at Afshar Hospital in Afghanistan. The shipment was received by a local NGO, Alliance for Medical Outreach & Relief, or AMOR.


Since February 24, Direct Relief has provided medical aid weighing over 1.6 million pounds, or 800 tonnes, with more on the way. Over the past seven days, shipments including Covid-19 therapy drugs, insulin and antibiotics have left Direct Relief’s warehouse in California, bound for Ukraine.

This week, 45 pallets of emergency medical supplies have been received by the Zhytomyr Humanitarian Center. The shipment, which was transported by FedEx, will be distributed to local health facilities in Ukraine.

Additionally, Direct Relief recently announced a $583,000 grant to the International Confederation of Midwives in response to the war in Ukraine. ICM, a leading organization that represents, supports, advocates and educates midwives worldwide, will distribute the funding to its member midwifery associations serving Ukrainian refugee women and their families.

Operational overview


This week, outside of the United States, Direct Relief shipped more than 3 million defined daily doses medication.

Countries that have received medical aid in the past week include:

  • Ukraine
  • Iraq
  • Rwanda
  • Panama

Direct relief delivered 292 shipments containing 1.3 million doses of medicine over the past week to organizations including:

• Society of St. Vincent de Paul dba St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy, Texas • UNC Health Care, North Carolina • North Hudson Community Action Corporation – Administration, New Jersey • Hardeman County, Tennessee • NOVA ScriptsCentral Inc Pharmacy, Virginia

  • Volunteers in Medicine Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Pancare of Florida, Inc. Malone, Florida
  • St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy, Ohio
  • St. Joseph’s Welfare Board, Missouri
  • Knox County Health Clinic, Maine


Since January 1, 2022, Direct Relief has delivered 10,100 shipments at 1,707 health organizations in 52 US states and territories and 79 countries.

These shipments contained 321.5 million defined daily doses of drugs estimated at $1.1 billion (wholesale) and weighing 9 million pounds.


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