Roseville man proud of son helping Ukraine – CBS Sacramento

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – CBS13 spoke with a member of Hungry For Life International, a humanitarian organization currently providing resources and aid to refugees in Ukraine fleeing to safer parts of the country.

Chad Martz lives in Ukraine with his wife but his father, Gene Martz, lives in Roseville and spoke to CBS13 about his son, who refuses to leave the country.

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Gene Martz sleeps next to his cell phone on his pillow – it’s the only way Gene Martz can fall asleep.

“We cannot turn our backs on people who desperately need help,” says Chad Martz of Hungry For Life International.

The last time we spoke to Chad was 2:30 a.m. Friday morning in Ukraine. The shelling had begun and he expected his workload to increase.

“We are well positioned to be able to provide care and shelter to those leaving the conflict zone,” says Chad Martz.

“They’ve been very busy finding churches, he’s even using his own house…he’s just preparing for all the people leaving the dangerous areas,” says Gene Martz.

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Although we are told that receiving physical donations can be difficult, with severely disrupted supply chains in the region, the organization can only rely on financial contributions for assistance.

“We can receive funds to help those fleeing the conflict zone,” says Chad Martz.

Thousands of miles away in Roseville, Gene is proud that his son refuses to leave Ukraine, filled with people in need of help and his wife’s family, some of whom are now forced to stay.

“At present, the government has said between 18 and 60 men are not allowed to leave the country. He says how can I leave my mother-in-law my brother-in-law, I can’t do this,” says Gene Martz, who is comforted to know that his son has a way out.

“If things came to a life or death situation, they could walk out with their passports.”

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Gene hopes for peace and counts the minutes until he sees his son again.

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