Qlarant Foundation awards over $400,000 to multiple charities

Easton MD, July 30 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On Wednesday, July 27, after two years of virtual events, the Qlarant Foundation resumed hosting its annual grants celebration in person. The Foundation hosted more than 50 grantee representatives, board members and staff at its Easton headquarters to showcase the nonprofits selected to receive grants for the coming year. Each of the recipient organizations is dedicated to providing health and social services to underserved populations.

“After two years of virtual meetings, the Qlarant Foundation is delighted to welcome you in person to its headquarters for this year’s annual grantee celebration,” said Dominic Szwaja, PA, Chairman of the Qlarant Foundation Board of Trustees. . “We look forward to coming together to learn more about each other and provide you with the opportunity to network with other nonprofits in our area.”

This year, 23 organizations received prizes ranging from $5,000 to $30,000, for a total of $416,500 in Maryland and the District of Columbia. “The Qlarant Foundation received a record number of applications this year. This year’s grants were chosen based on the positive impact we believe your work will have in our region. We are excited about this partnership and the necessary services our grantees will provide to the most vulnerable populations in our communities.

“This year, we have a fantastic pool of beneficiaries who will provide a diverse range of services, including health and mental health care, housing and addictions services, and child development programs,” Szwaja continued. “Our communities will greatly benefit from the comprehensive programs that these organizations are ready to provide to those in need. »

Beneficiaries gathered for a pre-lunch meet and greet session where they viewed posters celebrating their efforts that were displayed around the room. Prior to the event, organizations were given one of five questions that they would answer during the program. Staff and board members sat among the grantees, allowing them to get to know the grantees and allowing the grantees to learn more about Qlarant.

“As we enter a third year since the start of the pandemic, these organizations need more support than ever,” commented Vice President Dr. Molly Burgoyne-Brian in the introduction to the program. “So many people need the care they provide. We are delighted to be able to continue funding these programs.

Each organization met with Qlarant CEO Dr. Ron Forsythe, Jr. for a celebratory “big check” photo. He was joined by Maryland Senator Addie Eckardt who presented certificates from the State of Maryland recognizing some of the organizations she represents on the east coast of Maryland.

Mr. Midgett S. Parker, Jr, Esq., a Qlarant Board Trustee, was the program’s featured speaker. A veteran and lawyer, Mr. Parker has extensive experience working with non-profit organizations throughout his legal career.

“It is a pleasure to be here with you,” Mr. Parker said, “to learn more about what you are doing in the community to meet the greatest needs. You are the very essence of what Qlarant does through the many members of its team. He acknowledged the elect by emphasizing that they can bring back a message of hope for those who are fundamentally hopeless. “Today’s theme should be Connecting Communities and Building Bridges – between those who have not and those who have resources.”

He stressed that organizations know their business and their communities, but also their limits. They had to adapt to today’s world and find ways to deal with it and ask for help. He also commented on how inspiring it is to see the good news from organizations in a world where there is so much bad news. He remarked that they “leave memorable and lasting bonds in the communities we serve.” He called the organizations “ambassadors of Qlarant” and they should seize the opportunities offered by the grants.

Each of the organizations received a copy of the posters hanging in the corridors of Qlarant’s headquarters and a certificate from the Foundation. They will also receive a copy of the photo and be featured in a video that will be posted on Qlarant’s website, YouTube channel and social media platforms. A recording of the full event will also be available on Qlarant’s YouTube channel.

About the Qlarant Foundation

Qlarant Foundation, the mission arm of Qlarant, is a national nonprofit organization that provides grants to charities and nonprofits in Maryland and the District of Columbia for projects that help improve health care and social services for individuals and communities. Since 2006, the Qlarant Foundation has awarded grants totaling $6.5 million to more than 90 organizations in Maryland and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit www.qlarant.com/foundation.

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