Next Meats Launches “Next Meats Accelerator Program” to Initiate Global Collaboration in Alternative Protein Industry


TOKYO, March 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Japanese alternative meat company Next Meats Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, CEO: Hideyuki Sasaki) has just announced the launch of the “Next Meats Accelerator Program”, which offers and serves as a platform to drive global open innovation among players in the alternative protein industry as well as all individuals and businesses who are serious about s ‘tackle the problem of the climate crisis. .

This accelerator program aims to unite researchers, experts from all walks of life and businesses in and outside the alternative protein industry who are committed to tackling climate change and cultivating global business opportunities together. that benefit the planet and everyone involved. The program will run simultaneously in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Next Meats believes that the fight against climate change can be much more effective and faster if competent and passionate entities come together and combine their technologies, expertise, network and various other resources. In order to respond to the urgency of the climate crisis facing humanity on a global scale, Next Meats believes that we must cooperate and rapidly co-create our future, rather than competing for profitability, small market share and minimal environmental impact. This is why the Next Meats Accelerator program was launched.

Presentation of the application

Research: All companies, researchers and experienced individuals who take climate action seriously and wish to develop alternative meat products and cutting-edge environmental solutions, never seen before, with us and the participating global companies.
Business sector: food technology, biotechnology, agro-technology, computer hardware, IA, IoT Big Data
We do not require that you currently specialize in alternative meats, as long as it is in your mutual interest to contribute to the research and development of the products that will result from this program.
Application period: March 1 ~ March 31
Application page:
* Every step of the application process will take place online due to COVID.

About Next Meats

Next Meats is a food technology company based in Tokyo, with the company mission “Don’t let the Earth end”. Their research began in 2017 and the company was officially founded in June 2020. Next Meats is known to have launched the first series of Japanese herbal barbecue meats “NEXT Yakiniku” as well as the Japanese beef bowl made from plants, “NEXT Gyudon”. In December 2020, they announced their partnership with Toyota-Tsusho Corporation and were listed on the US OTCBB in January 2021. In addition to the facilities of Japan, Next Meats has a production line in Vietnam and also signed a joint development contract with Hoya Foods of Taiwan, and rapidly expands its activity to United States, Singapore, Italy, and other countries. They plan to research various types of alternative proteins in the future and aim to replace all animal meats by 2050.

Next Meats Co., Ltd.
CEO: Hideyuki Sasaki
Date created: June 2020
Headquarters: 1 Chome-34-16 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo Shimizu Bldg 2F
Japanese PR articles:

SOURCE Next Meats Co., Ltd.

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