NEO Exchange Partners with Trackinsight for Canadian ETF Research


A second thing that ETF Market provides is “high quality, institutional grade” data on each of these 1,200 ETFs, Sloane said.

“This information comes directly from Trackinsight, which they obtain directly from each Canadian ETF manager,” he said. “So we make sure the data is correct and up-to-date so that investors can make that investment decision easily, without compromising the underlying intelligence. “

Third, the website will feature a dedicated section for educating investors about ETFs, which will include daily updated content, Sloane said.

Franklin Templeton Canada, which migrated four ETFs to the NEO Exchange from the Toronto Stock Exchange in March, was a launch partner for the new platform, he said. Franklin Templeton Canada is a unit of global investment manager Franklin Resources Inc.

“They will bring content, information and material that I think investors will find incredibly insightful,” Mr. Sloane said.

“Financial literacy is a priority for our business, and as a strong advocate for advice, we support educational resources like this for financial advisors and investors,” said Duane Green, President and CEO of Franklin Templeton Canada, in comments provided to Pensions and investments. “Resources like this help the ETF industry to grow, which we are firmly committed to.”

The free screening tool gives financial advisors the access to the analysis they need to make investment decisions and perform due diligence, Green said.

Trackinsight “has expertise in creating similar tools in other jurisdictions around the world, so we are happy to support the introduction of this proven tool and quality analysis in Canada,” he said. he declares.

The Toronto Stock Exchange offers the TSX ETF Investor Center, a free portal that allows investors to learn about ETFs listed on the TSX, according to Graham MacKenzie, head of exchange traded products at the Toronto Stock Exchange. TSX ETFs represent 98% of ETF assets under management in Canada, according to TSX data.

Other ETF filters are also available in Canada, including one offered by the Canadian ETF Association.


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