n.exchange Partners with FatBTC, Bringing More Fiat Options to Millions of Traders Worldwide


Partnerships between crypto organizations are driving constant improvements in the relatively young industry by creating more options and opportunities for people to join the future of finance. FatBTC and n.exchange, two companies that have been operating in the crypto space since the early days of the industry, are now joining forces to create more opportunities to buy crypto.

n.exchange enables the financial system of tomorrow by providing a transparent gateway to the world of crypto. Established in London in 2016, n.exchange has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. The organization now consists of a growing number of experts in the fields of technology, crypto, finance, marketing and sales and is expected to continue to grow.

Currently, teams are spread across the globe, creating an efficient remote environment in response to ever-changing market needs. The company now also has offices in Lithuania and Portugal, where top engineering and business talent are attracted to show off their unique abilities to consistently achieve n.exchange organizational goals. The ultimate vision is ambitious, according to the founder of n.exchange, Oleg Belousov, the future, where crypto is accessible to everyone, is locked next, the n.exchange aims to unlock it.

This was demonstrated recently when n.exchange partnered with FatBTC, a Chinese multi-functional exchange that operates in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. This new business integration now allows millions of FatBTC users to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum using the Russian ruble. Both organizations stand ready to remove current barriers in the financial ecosystem and enable a simple and seamless gateway into the crypto world by connecting traditional and digital finance to encourage financial revolution ideas and widespread adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

FatBTC has been promoting the trading of pioneer blockchain currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2014. The rapid growth of exchanges has incorporated millions of registered users around the world and today the app is available in multiple languages, including l ‘English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese. , Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian and Arabic.

With the rapid growth in cryptocurrency adoption in 2021, the crypto market is crowded while traditional financial markets are inflated. Additionally, as traditional banks continually increase fees charged to consumers, more and more fintech and crypto companies are working to alleviate these sentiments by providing modern solutions that allow people to participate in the economy. Therefore, such partnerships between crypto companies are necessary and inevitable to ensure financial security, stability and trust within the company. What we cannot achieve alone, we will do together.


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