Morten Holm Christiansen becomes interim CFO at Topsoe

Topsoe appoints Morten Holm Christiansen as interim CFO as Philip Eickhoff returns to healthcare.

Today, Morten Holm Christiansen holds the position of CIO and will maintain these responsibilities alongside his role as interim CFO. Morten has had a long career with Maersk and Novo Nordisk Group and has relevant experience as a CFO.

Topsoe CEO Roeland Baan is confident that Topsoe will maintain momentum with Morten Holm Christiansen in the lead:

“We are on track to build a strong business position based on our decarbonization solutions, and I am confident that Morten, with his extensive leadership experience and financial background, is the right person to help the organization implement implement our strategy, while we seek a more permanent solution.

On the departure of Philip Eickhoff, Roeland Baan declares:

“Philip has done a great job building a strong base and team to help drive our transformation, and I want to thank him for his contribution and dedicated efforts for Topsoe over the past two years. I really wish him all the best in his future endeavours. »

Philip Eickhoff will step down on August 31 and the search for a new CFO has begun.
Source: Topsoe

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