Minnesota company attracts worldwide attention for its virtual Ramadan camp

A Minnesota company is gaining worldwide recognition for its videos aimed at educating children.

For the month of Ramadan, Noor Kids has created a special online camp as a tool to help young American Muslims.

From his studio in New Hope, Amin Aaser runs Noor Kids, an educational character-building program for young Muslims.

“We try to be the Mr. Rogers for Muslim kids,” Aaser said.

For the month of Ramadan, he decided to create something special.

“Ramadan is the most important time of the year for Muslims, think of Christmas but for Muslims,” Aaser said.

It’s called Camp Ramadan, where it airs a new video each night of the month using stories, patterns, crafts, and family challenges to help educate and empower children.

“I want kids to be comfortable being authentic themselves, I want them to feel proud of who they are and the faith that’s in their hearts,” Aaser said.

Since its launch a few weeks ago, nearly 70,000 children from all over the world have registered for this online camp.

With all the success of Noor Kids and now Camp Ramadan, this Minnesota company is even exploring the possibility of a show on Netflix.

“Our goal is to continue building our impact, and for us that means exploring motion video,” Aaser said.

Aaser says Islamophobia is real and he hopes these videos will help young Muslims express their self-confidence.

“I never imagined that from New Hope, Minnesota, we would be providing one of the greatest forms of Islamic education for Muslim children in the world, so I feel very honored,” Aaser said.

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