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DELAWARE CITY, Delaware, November 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Piece of money is a project that will be listed on LATOKEN exchange, a global exchange with a daily trading volume of $ 288.84 million. The IEO will start on Friday, November 26, 2021.

This project will allow anyone to invest in an ecosystem that will strengthen the capital ownership of individuals and business section entities around the world, making it the first zero economy blockchain technology designed for the global market.

The listing price during the pre-sale period is only 3 ETH per 1,000 tokens, which is significantly lower than what buyers would have paid by purchasing similar projects during their token sale periods.

The new instant messaging application, WeownomyChat is officially launched on November 26, 2021. All transactions will be carried out exclusively in WEOWNS with WeownomyPay Also serve as a payment gateway for users who will earn using the platform and merchants who want to transact globally without paying any fees. With 2 million downloads expected after launch, this new chat app expects 4 billion users over 2022-2024, which will translate into zero-cost savings thanks to blockchain technology.

The next evolution of blockchain

Zero Cost Marketplace 2.0 will be the first decentralized, free to use and open source marketplace that will not require any fees or commissions from sellers or buyers for transactions made on the platform.

There are no barriers to entry such as the high cost of living in a particular country or access to banking services, meaning people can participate regardless of their geographic location and level of education. economic status.

Zero Payment Economy will provide a complete infrastructure for a more accessible and connected global Zero Economy Cost system, with no transaction fees, allowing anyone to participate in the new era of blockchain-powered commerce without any investment or upfront payment.

It is a zero cost open source marketplace that fosters innovation by providing free development tools and services to create any kind of product or service with no fees or usage restrictions (free).

Free transactions will create an interconnected economy where everyone is welcome to participate, making it easier than ever to trade goods and services globally.

As a decentralized system, WEOWNS ‘high value zero payment economy will have no central point of failure or control, which means it is safe from censorship, fraud, and downtime. shutdown and interference from third parties.

The world’s first blockchain powered by artificial intelligence that facilitates an open source ecosystem in which developers create products and services with zero transaction costs – so they can be accessible to anyone, anywhere

Accessing our BLOCKCHAIN ​​ZERO COST MARKETPLACE 2.0 FOR THE WORLD is an opportunity for people around the world to become independent by owning their time and money without depending on a third party or payment provider.

The social media revolution.

There are plenty of social media apps that offer features like chatting with friends, but these usually come at a cost that could place an undue burden on those who need support the most, like low-income families. single parents, etc. Now there is finally the WeownomyChat app out there that doesn’t ask users anything in return other than logging in every day so they can earn up to $ 6 per week just by using the app as n any other user would.

Now anyone can chat with friends and family around the world on a daily basis, knowing that every day you earn $ 1 just for logging in, plus up to $ 6 in WEOWNS per day if you regularly chat everything. throughout the day.

By simply downloading the app on any device, logging in with their email address or cell phone number, anyone can start chatting and receive WEOWNS that can be redeemed for money. ‘money.

Users will be able to use their time on WeownomyChat as currency and spend it however they want – shopping online or offline, ordering food deliveries, renting a car or booking flights – without ever paying anything out of pocket.

The first user-owned social media app that rewards users for their use with a high value zero payment economy that allows the user to purchase products and services for free.

The chat will pay users instantly in WEOWNS, allowing them to cash out their winnings when they reach over $ 100!

It’s more than just a social media platform – it’s an opportunity for users to generate income by being part of a new kind of economy that benefits everyone, not just those in the backyard. Mountain peak.

For businesses that want to stay relevant as WeownomyChat moves into the future, it is important to explore this technology now before any competition when it comes time to move away from traditional platforms like Whatsapp or Wechat, because what better way than to be part of an exciting new technology that empowers its users.

World premiere! A trillion dollar idea that could change the world.

The world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent, but our economies are still partitioned by borders and controlled by central governments that have failed to adapt their economic models to reflect this new reality.

It is time that we have a way to finance public goods that does not rely on capitalism, or worse yet, on centralized government.

Weownomy is about decentralizing the ownership of public goods so that everyone can participate in their financing on an equal footing, thus ensuring that they are financed in a sustainable manner and on a large scale without depending on donations or government subsidies.

The Zero Cost MarketPlace which will allow any individual or organization to purchase products and services from any other individual or organization without incurring any transaction fees or fees on top of their purchases – that’s huge.

The world needs more public goods, which is why Weownomy created the very first cryptocurrency to fund them and make it easy for everyone to do.

Weownomy CEO Ssemakula Luyima revealed that Vitalik Buterin received 1 billion WEOWNS as a utility token to fund the public good. This is an important experience to ensure that “we have a way for people who do not have the same privilege and the same opportunity to do things on their own”. he said.

At present, there is no general purpose infrastructure to fund public goods outside of government taxation or the philanthropy of billionaires like Bill Gates or Elon Musk who fund projects like government projects. ” water sanitation where one day, billions of additional people could live without access to safe drinking water due to climate change etc …

The goal of the zero-cost economy is not only to provide finance for public goods, but also to ensure that these goods are accessible to all at no cost – by removing barriers to entry.


WEOWNS is a new currency that was created to fill the gaps in Bitcoin. WEOWNS is designed to be used as an incentive for people who want to do good in their communities, not just to mine for bitcoin. WEOWNS inspires entrepreneurs and users to act benevolently towards each other by building trust through commitments made. This means that any user or entrepreneur who follows the precept should generally be more successful than not, as they will have earned more WEOWNS.

About Weownomy

Weownomy Platform Corporation, Incorporated in the State of Delaware launches an open and participatory subscription platform. A new redefined social network that facilitates the participation of people in the democratic process of defining their own rules for their future, generating a property structure where each person has the right to share the income generated by this new economy and therefore real economic equality .


Ssemakula Peter Luyima

[email protected]

President and CEO

Weownomy Platform Corporation

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