Keep control of your campus keys

Tim Purpura of Morse Watchmans explains how hospitals, schools and colleges can improve security with key management systems.

Keeping track of the multitude of keys on campus can be extremely difficult for a healthcare facility, school district, higher education institution, or any other type of organization, for that matter.

Fortunately, there are excellent solutions on the market today that can help campuses overcome this inconvenient and often very costly challenge.

In this interview, Campus Safety Editor-in-Chief Robin Hattersley spoke with Morse Watchmans Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Tim Purpura about the global challenge of campus key management and solutions. offered by his company.

Since 1882, Morse Watchmans has been helping organizations and managers around the world keep their businesses secure, and the company’s key management systems can be customized to meet your exact key and security management needs. assets.

In this interview, Tim talks about:

  • How Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Touch can help healthcare, schools, and colleges stay in control of their keys, making their campuses more secure and their access control efforts more cost-effective: 1: 08
  • How KeyWatcher Fleet can help organizations manage and optimize the use of their vehicle fleet: 4:15
  • How KeyWatcher Bank can help property managers better control their keys: 4:55
  • How KeyWatcher Touch can help hospitals manage medications more securely: 5:28
  • How KeyWatcher Touch can give first responders immediate access to keys, allowing them to enter areas of campus where a crime or other type of emergency is occurring: 6:11
  • How TouchPoint’s acquisition of Morse Watchmans is helping the company expand its offerings: 6:57
  • Morse Watchmans overall value proposition to schools, universities and/or hospitals: 8:25

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