JBT’s Proseal Wins AgTech Breakthrough Awards FoodTech Equipment of the Year

Lakeland, Florida – JBT Corporation Prosealwhich designs and manufactures high-quality tray sealing machines, conveying systems and sealing tools for packaging foods such as ready meals, meats, fruits, vegetables and more, was named equipment FoodTech of the Year AgTech Breakthrough Awardan annual program that recognizes the best agricultural and food technology companies, products and services in the world.

Recent years have seen a growing awareness of plastic pollution around the world and growing calls for sustainable alternatives and more than half of American consumers today are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. JBT’s Proseal has emerged at the forefront of this movement by supporting its customer commitments with solutions that help reduce plastic packaging, including its sealed trays that use 42% less plastic and its system of patent-pending, high-speed fully automatic case packing, CP3™ that combines efficient energy consumption and a compact footprint with the ability to fill cases at up to 120 packs per minute, providing customers with a complete packaging solution. primary and transit packaging.

“Proseal continues to be at the forefront of the industry-wide sustainability movement by supporting its customers’ commitments with solutions that help reduce plastic packaging,” said Carlos Fernandez, Executive Vice President of JBT Corporation and President, Diversified Food and Health. “For every million trays sealed with Proseal equipment, up to 10 tons of plastic are saved. And overall, 16% of JBT’s environmentally beneficial product revenue contributes to reducing packaging waste. Proseal is part of the JBT family and together we remain committed to continuously supporting our customers’ sustainability needs and goals.

This year marked the third edition of the AgTech Breakthrough Awards, where more than 1,600 AgTech and FoodTech innovators from around the world participated in 20 categories and 107 sub-categories. A full list of winners can be found here.

“The entire Proseal organization is thrilled to be recognized by the AgTech Breakthrough Awards for our cutting-edge, best-in-class solutions,” said Jon Garner, President of the Packaging Group at JBT Corporation. “As a company that prides itself on being innovative and attentive to customer needs, this honor proves once again that we are achieving our goals, and we look forward to building on these in the future to ensure the best results for every client we serve.”

AgTech Breakthrough Awards honor adds another accolade to Proseal’s portfolio in 2022 as the company was also recognized this year Excellence in Safety and Health Awardwhere it won top honors in the Best Health and Safety in Manufacturing category, and was also nominated for the Safer Logistics award.

For more information on JBT’s food and beverage solutions, you can visit www.jbtc.com/foodtech.


About JBT

JBT Corporation (NYSE: JBT) is a leading global provider of technology solutions for high-value segments of the food and beverage industry, with a focus on protein, liquid foods and automated system solutions. JBT designs, produces and services sophisticated products and systems for multinational and regional customers through its FoodTech segment. JBT also sells essential equipment and services to domestic and international air transport customers through its AeroTech segment. JBT Corporation employs approximately 6,200 people worldwide and operates sales, service, manufacturing and supply operations in more than 25 countries. To learn more about JBT FoodTech, connect with the company at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Proseal

Founded in 1998, Proseal designs and manufactures high quality tray sealing machines, case packers, conveyor systems and sealing tools for food industry markets worldwide. The company is part of the JBT Corporation family, one of the world’s leading providers of technology solutions for high-value segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing service that exceeds customer expectations.

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