Innovative Connecting announces the release of a Chrome-compatible version of Turbo VPN

SINGAPORE, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative Connecting PTE Ltd., a Singaporetechnology company specializing in internet security, announced that a Chrome-compatible version of Turbo VPN is released. This Turbo VPN connection service is free for Chrome users, allowing users to access fast and stable global VPN servers. While using the Chrome version of Turbo VPN, users can hide their address and location while being able to access various streaming platforms cross-regionally. The VPN service also allows users to secure their data when connecting to hotspots and public WiFi sources. Turbo VPN offers a strict no-logs policy and high-level encryption protocols. Users will find the Chrome version of this app easy to use, providing one-click connection to the desired VPN server.

The company that developed Turbo VPN, Innovative Connecting, is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Singapore, trusted by over 300 million users worldwide. Innovative Connecting makes its customers the top priority, offering 24/7 customer service and the utmost privacy.

With this version from Turbo VPN, Chrome users will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional VPN servers we offer. Our products have already gained popularity in over 150 countries around the world, and we plan to continue to grow with the launch of our latest version,” said Taylor, spokesperson for Innovative Connecting Pte Ltd. “At Innovative Connecting, we believe in the power of the open web. Turbo VPN gives users the ability to take control of their privacy and streaming capabilities. People can surf the web anonymously at fast speeds with the top-notch services provided by Turbo VPN.”

By using military-grade VPN protection, Turbo VPN is able to provide top-notch online security and privacy. The app has 128-bit AES encryption to ensure online activities are untraceable. The IPsec protocols programmed into the app keep the user’s IP address hidden when using WiFi hotspots or any other public network connection. Turbo VPN allows users to protect up to 5 devices simultaneously while allowing them to freely stream their favorite shows whether they are abroad or at home. Users can bypass restrictions and firewalls to allow access to websites, apps, iPlayer, social networks and other online services. This app is also handy for gamers who want to reduce game latency and speed up the speed of mobile games. Turbo VPN can improve gaming experience for PUBG, FreeFire, Mobile Legends, Roblox, etc.

The Chrome-compatible version of Turbo VPN is released in June 2022. Turbo VPN is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. The release of this user-friendly app will make stable and fast VPN servers available to Chrome users worldwide.

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