Hughes signs distribution agreement with OneWeb for managed LEO services

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) has signed a distribution agreement with OneWeb Technologies Inc.., a wholly-owned subsidiary of OneWebto provide managed LEO services to US Department of Defense (DoD). The agreement follows the launch of the industry’s first managed LEO SATCOM network for the DoD, a Hughes-led implementation in the Arctic region for the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

With the new distribution agreement, Hughes offers turnkey LEO managed services to support DoD acquisition agencies and Combatant Command (COCOM) global requirements. Hughes’ defense portfolio now includes single-transport and multi-transport network solutions incorporating OneWeb’s proven low-latency connectivity with service-level agreements and vendor options for ground equipment, installation and network management.

This agreement expands an established relationship between the two companies. Hughes, through its parent company, EchoStar, is an investor in OneWeb. It is also an engineering partner of OneWeb, developing the electronics for the gateway and the central module that will power each user terminal in the system. In September, Hughes and OneWeb distribution deals announced in North America and India. In March, Hughes demonstrated a new electronically steerable flat panel antenna technology for OneWeb services.

Pictured, left to right: Rick Lober, vice president and general manager, Defense and Intelligence Systems, Hughes; Tim Kopra, President, OneWeb Technologies; Ian Canning, COO, OneWeb Technologies; Steve Perreault, Chief Financial Officer, OneWeb Technologies; Jeff Lessner, vice president, Hughes; Leslie Blaker-Glass, Vice President, Hughes.

Our distribution agreement with OneWeb Technologies was concluded when we launched the LEO service for the US AFRL in the Arctic region,” noted Rick Lobier, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Hughes Defence. “With proven implementation in the harshest environments and live LEO network capability, we are ready to deploy various integrated SATCOM solutions for the DoD in all domains, platforms and theaters worldwide..”

Having Hughes as part of the LEO ecosystem speaks to the value of our long-standing relationship, and Hughes, with his inherent understanding of the OneWeb system, was a logical partner.,” noted Ian Canning, Chief Operating Officer, OneWeb Technologies. “OneWeb Technologies is pleased to support Hughes in delivering new functionality to the US Government. The combined experience of Hughes and OneWeb Technologies has enabled the DoD to experience low-latency, high-speed Internet in latitudes above 75 degrees North for the first time.

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