Global Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer Industry to 2026 – By Fertilizer Type, Crop Type, Feedstock and Geographic Region –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizers: Global Markets report has been added to from offer.

The scope of this survey includes major inorganic fertilizers that are currently used for the production of various crops, vegetables, fruits and various other agricultural products.

The scope of the study includes major fertilizers that are used for agricultural production. Each Fertilizer is analyzed against its historic market in terms of volume to determine its market status, impact on future market segments, and forecast growth from 2021 to 2026.

The publisher analyzes each market and its applications in terms of crops, market projections and market share by volume. This report mainly discusses the types of fertilizers and covers the whole Nitrogen Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilizer and Potassium Fertilizer market. Influencing factors including fertilizer production and efficiency, fertilizer demand and supply, research on various fertilizers, and industry structure are also discussed. The editor reviews fertilizer companies and industry alliances, production, crop type and market driving forces.

Companies cited

  • Agrium

  • BASF

  • CF Industries

  • ICL Group Ltd.

  • K+S

  • Potash Corp. from Saskatchewan

  • Safco Co products.

  • The Mosaic Company

  • Uralkaliy Pao (Uralkali Pjsc)

  • Yara International

The report includes

  • 358 data tables

  • A detailed overview of the global fertilizer market

  • Global market trend analyses, with historic data from 2020, estimates for 2021-2025, and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) projections to 2026

  • Assessing and forecasting the global fertilizer market size in terms of value and volume, projected growth rate and corresponding market share analysis by fertilizer type, crop type, feedstock and geographical region

  • In-depth information (facts & figures) regarding market drivers, market disincentives, and other forces affecting the current and future outlook of the market

  • Country-specific data and market value analysis for United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Western Europe, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Belarus, Iran, South Africa, Turkey and other rest of the world countries

  • Identification of market trends, gaps and opportunities, estimation of current and future demand for fertilizer in various global markets

  • Review of list of companies best positioned to meet this demand due to their proprietary technologies, strategic alliances or other advantages

  • Overview of recent industry structure, current competitive scenario, R&D activities, and regulatory and legislative issues currently focusing on the food and fertilizer industry ecosystem

Main topics covered:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights

Chapter 3 Fertilizer Industry Overview

Chapter 4 Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Market

  • introduction

  • Sources and formulations of nitrogen fertilizers

  • Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Raw Material

  • Africa Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Commodity

  • Americas Nitrogen Fertilizer Market By Raw Material

  • Latin America and Caribbean Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Raw Material

  • Asian Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Raw Material

  • European Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Raw Material

  • Oceania Nitrogen Fertilizer by Raw Material

  • Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Region

  • African Nitrogen Fertilizer Market

  • Americas Nitrogen Fertilizer Market

  • Asian Nitrogen Fertilizer Market

  • European nitrogen fertilizer market

  • Nitrogen Fertilizer Market in Oceania

  • Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Market by Crop Type

Chapter 5 Global Phosphate Fertilizer Market

Chapter 6 Global Potash Fertilizer Market

Chapter 7 Market Dynamics

  • Regional market activity

  • Recent Activities in the African Fertilizer Market

  • Recent Activities in the U.S. Fertilizer Market

  • Recent activities in Asia-Pacific for fertilizers

  • Recent activities in the European fertilizer market

Chapter 8 China Fertilizer Market

Chapter 9 India Fertilizer Market

Chapter 10 US Fertilizer Market

Chapter 11 Europe Fertilizer Market

Chapter 12 Brazil Fertilizer Market

Chapter 13 Indonesia Fertilizer Market

Chapter 14 Pakistan Fertilizer Market

Chapter 15 Canada Fertilizer Market

Chapter 16 Vietnam Fertilizer Market

Chapter 17 Australia Fertilizer Market

Chapter 18 Thailand Fertilizer Market

Chapter 19 Russian Fertilizer Market

Chapter 20 Bangladesh Fertilizer Market

Chapter 21 Malaysia Fertilizer Market

Chapter 22 Turkey Fertilizer Market

Chapter 23 Mexico Fertilizer Market

Chapter 24 Ukraine Fertilizer Market

Chapter 25 Argentina Fertilizer Market

Chapter 26 Egypt Fertilizer Market

Chapter 27 Belarus Fertilizer Market

Chapter 28 Iran Fertilizer Market

Chapter 29 Japan Fertilizer Market

Chapter 30 Philippines Fertilizer Market

Chapter 31 New Zealand Fertilizer Market

Chapter 32 South Africa Fertilizer Market

Chapter 33 Uzbekistan Fertilizer Market

Chapter 34 Morocco Fertilizer Market

Chapter 35 Chilean Fertilizer Market

Chapter 36 Rest of Global Fertilizer Market

Chapter 37 Company Profiles

Chapter 38 Appendix: Acronyms

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