Frank Glassner envisions a shift in human capital management

Truckee, Calif., June 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Today’s headline reports on the recent newsletter that Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants published on key topics in human capital management disclosure.

Frank Glassner, CEO of Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants, recently reviewed new insights and data from research done on human capital management in a company’s first and second years.

Some of the major themes examined by Glassner and his elite team have the chance to provide insight into how human capital management is handled in the business world. Taking that information and improving it is what Veritas strives to do with our customers every day.

The release contains a comprehensive analysis of 103 S&P 500 company filings. When comparing the previous year’s results to those of the second year, there are many similarities. However, small changes provide valuable insights into opportunities for improving human capital management.

One of the main takeaways from this analysis involves companies providing more detailed information on different topics in the first year compared to the second year.

Providing information such as gender and racial breakdown can be helpful. Geography, turnover and the health and safety of team members have seen a significant increase. Health and safety numbers remain skewed due to COVID-19.

The study shows that the competitive labor market makes it crucial for companies to put forward their talent recruitment strategies. Emphasis is also placed on developing talent within the company to help retain those who show promise.

Managing the human capital already in the company usually proves to be more profitable than the repeated search for talent.

Acquiring and retaining top talent is especially important to Frank Glassner and his elite team at Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants.

The consulting firm is working to develop compensation plan recommendations to retain talent. Executives and shareholders want to see quality compensation plans that stand out even in crowded markets.

Frank Glassner and his elite team at Veritas find that organizations will provide information as long as it is relatively brief and to the point. Diversity, geography, talent development, health and safety are all important to a business.

Employees, investors, consultants and more want the most detailed information possible about human capital management. More detail on human capital management will only enhance Veritas’ success as a consulting firm.

That’s why Frank Glassner and his elite team review these reports and break them down from their perspective.

You can find the Human Capital Management newsletter online at the Veritas Executive Consultants website.

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