Fortemedia launches a cutting-edge MEMS microphone solution that meets the stringent air pressure requirements accepted by Tier 1 customers around the world.

SINGAPORE, July 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

MEMS microphone reliability:

Reliability is always one of the key success factors in achieving customer satisfaction in microphone products that will be equipped and used in various environmental conditions. There are frequent challenges and risks of physically damaging the microphone or degrading acoustic performance in the process of mass production of the MEMS microphone and its final assembly of end products. For example, dust obstacle, oil stain, damage by electrostatic discharge in the machine or accidentally by humans, and material defects due to thermal cycling during reflow soldering. Therefore, ruggedness is always Fortemedia’s quality goal regardless of users’ misuse or neglect of its MEMS microphone solution. With persistent professional efforts in design, validation, characterization and quality assurance in manufacturing, Fortemedia’s microphone solution consisting of inside sensor IC and MEMS passes the following stringent reliability test in the industry :

  • HTOL (High Temperature Operation Time)
  • LTOL (Low Temperature Run Time)
  • HAST (temperature with humidity with bias)
  • Drop Jis
  • mechanical shock test
  • Vibration test
  • Accelerated life test
  • Air pressure test

Air pressure requirement:

Regarding atmospheric pressure immunity, Fortemedia has launched a MEMS microphone solution capable of meeting the most stringent atmospheric pressure requirements in the field. Packaged in 2.75×1.85×0.90mm3 microphone footprint and 0.25mm aperture, Fortemedia’s microphone IC, FL216C and MEMS sensor, TMS02BD have passed Tier 1 customer air pressure test conditions, making Fortemedia the pioneer supplier on acceptance of the high standards of global OEMs. In addition to meeting air pressure requirements, Fortemedia’s microphone solution also passed rigorous industry reliability testing. In addition to this, Fortemedia’s IC and MEMS sensors also provide the narrow variation of phase matching and sensitivity matching, aiding Fortemedia’s voice processing in performance, quality and consistency.

Fortemedia iSAM business model:

As audio technology and voice-enabled devices have become more ubiquitous, more and more applications are adopting higher-performance Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) microphones that use acoustic sensors fabricated on solid-state production with silicon wafers. This technology allows for smaller microphones with better sensitivity and clear sound quality. Fortemedia’s new technology: iSAM® business model combines a software algorithm and an array microphone to mimic the human brain and ears, enabling microphones with an intelligent computer algorithm in the age of artificial intelligence.

Fortemedia MEMS sensor technology:

Fortemedia has been exploring MEMS microphone sensor technology since 2017 and has sold over 1000 million units, ranking top 3 microphone sensors and ASIC design. Fortemedia’s microphone sensor and ASIC meet the reliability requirements of international customers, such as major smartphone and laptop brands, as well as global mobile operators. This year (2022), Fortemedia aims to penetrate global smartphone manufacturers with its latest MEMS sensor, the TMS02 series coupled with its own ASIC, integrating into a tiny microphone up to 2.75 x 1.85 x 0, 90mm3combining high performance and reliability.

About Fortemedia Inc.

Fortemedia Inc. is a global company with operators and offices in Asia which focuses on the development of high-quality semiconductor solutions and products to improve the quality and efficiency of human-to-human and human-to-human voice communications.

As a technology leader, Fortemedia ASIC devices and solutions with advanced voice processing technologies, SAM (Smart Array Microphone), SAMSoft® and ForteVoice®, have all been widely deployed in many commercial systems, devices and applications. for a better user experience in voice communication. . Fortemedia is well positioned to meet customer and market needs in mobile (smartphone and tablet), automotive (in-car infotainment system), PC (VoIP communication) and wearable devices with its broad software product line, DSP IC and small array microphone. Learn more at

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