Fierce criticism from around the world on the organization of F1 after the decision

The FIA ​​and organizers of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix decided yesterday to allow the weekend to go ahead despite missile attacks in Jeddah. The decision left teams and drivers free to choose for themselves. The Internet has caused astonishment around the world.

The FIA ​​and the F1 organization in Saudi Arabia have taken the decision to allow the F1 weekend to go ahead as they believe they can ensure safety. They left the teams and drivers free to decide their own participation in the race weekend. In the end, after hours of discussion between the pilots, the decision was finally made to race. There was immediately a lot of criticism of the organization of F1. They would only focus on the money and treat the drivers like pawns in a game. People also believe that drivers are pressured into racing and think this goes against the sport’s message that this weekend’s race will be in a conflict zone.

Twitter reactions from around the world in a row

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