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FedEx supports several nonprofit organizations, including the American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, Salvation Army, Team Rubicon and World Central Kitchen, which are working to help communities recover from natural disasters, such as Hurricane Ian. By providing charitable donations and in-kind shipments, FedEx continually helps these organizations deliver critical assistance, such as medical supplies and meals, to those who need it most.

Thanks to our company Delivering for Good Programwe work year-round with global disaster relief organizations to respond when disasters affect communities around the world.

Recently, FedEx and the nonprofits it supports have been on the front lines, providing essential products to help those in need.

Updated on 06/10/22

United States

  • In the United States, we are experiencing major fires and floods, as well as the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. The American Red Cross is using FedEx money and donated shipping resources to help provide relief to those affected by these crises across the country.

FedEx Helps Hurricane Ian Recovery

We extend our deepest condolences to our team members and communities affected by Hurricane Ian. We currently support relief efforts through our longstanding relationships with the American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, International Medical Corps, Team Rubicon, The Salvation Army, World Central Kitchen and ASPCA. These humanitarian organizations are assessing the situation in the affected areas and responding to critical needs for medicine, shelter, hygiene kits, food and water. FedEx maintains frequent communication with them to ensure that our resources are deployed as efficiently as possible.

For instance:

  • FedEx is working with Direct Relief to provide assistance to those affected by the hurricane, including the pre-placement of emergency medical backpacks in areas hard hit by the storm.
  • Heart to Heart International sent its mobile medical van, which was donated by FedEx, to Florida.
  • The Salvation Army uses its mobile supply unit to respond to the hurricane. FedEx donated the vehicle to its Miami operations.
  • FedEx is storing a modular field hospital in Memphis for International Medical Corps and shipping 9 pallets of modules and other emergency medical supplies to Florida.
  • As a sponsor of their Ready Reserve Fund, FedEx helps Team Rubicon respond to disasters throughout the year. Currently, Team Rubicon already serves several vulnerable counties in Florida and Puerto Rico. Crews clear roads of downed trees for first responders and conduct their “basic operations” like sheeting roofs and clearing/vacuuming houses flooded with wet debris.
  • To support World Central Kitchen, FedEx is transporting supplies needed to help as they serve nutritious meals to communities between Tampa and Naples, including Port Charlotte, Cape Coral and Ft. Myers, at multiple hospitals in Lee County, Sanibel and Pine Islands, and other severely affected areas.
  • As a founding member of the annual American Red Cross Disaster Giving Program, FedEx helps the Red Cross respond to disasters throughout the year through cash and in-kind support.

FedEx does not provide charity shipping for collections and donated items. We ask FedEx team members to refrain from collecting donated items. Learn more about FedEx’s humanitarian relief efforts here. If you would like to contribute to the relief efforts, please donate cash directly to a relief organization of your choice.

Porto Rico

  • Ahead of this year’s hurricane season, we worked with Direct Relief to pre-position hurricane preparedness packs across Puerto Rico. Direct Relief is now using them to treat people affected by Hurricane Fiona. FedEx also provides Direct Relief’s emergency medical backpacks that can serve up to 500 people in need.
  • Our support as a member of the annual American Red Cross Disaster Donation Program will help support relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The American Red Cross is currently assessing the damage and needs.
  • International Medical Corps assesses the damage. FedEx is stocking a modular portable field hospital for IMC in Memphis, TN, and stands ready to deploy if needed.
  • World Central Kitchen sent 45 pallets of insulated containers with 20,000 meal kits, LuminAid lamps, generators, insulated food carriers, paella pans, food containers and cutlery to Miami for distribution to the Turks and Caicos Islands , in the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico.


  • Water Mission is using its FedEx in-kind shipping account to transport water purification systems to the area to help victims of recent flooding. They recently sent out three systems. Each system can purify 10,000 gallons of water every day.


  • FedEx is helping Direct Relief as they work with the Michoacan State Secretariat of Public Safety to deliver 10 emergency medical backpacks that will serve up to 5,000 people affected by the earthquake.


  • Direct Relief has delivered 750 emergency medical backpacks to first responders and healthcare providers in Ukraine since the war began more than six months ago. Each backpack contains enough resources to serve up to 500 people.
  • Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, FedEx has worked with many nonprofit organizations to provide essentials, including medical supplies, food and water. Read more here.

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