Emerson Community Association wins Associa Green 2021

Chantilly, Virginia, January 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Associa Community Management Company (CMC), the largest community management company in North America, is pleased to announce that its managed community, Emerson Community Association, has received the company’s 2021 Associa Green Award.

The annual Associa Green Award recognizes communities managed by Associa who promote environmental stewardship through eco-friendly events and related initiatives. Applicant associations are judged in various categories including energy efficiency, green building efficiency, efficient water consumption, use of trees and green spaces, recycling and waste reduction, as well as education and innovation.

Emerson is a 1,031 unit, townhouse and single family home community located in Laurel, Maryland. It has many amenities including two community pools, tennis courts, pet stations, play areas, pavilions, a community clubhouse, three parks and walking trails throughout the neighborhood. Designed as a dedicated “green community”, Emerson spans over 570 acres, 215 of which are designated as permanent open spaces.

The association constantly makes conscientious choices and implements proactive initiatives to increase its positive environmental footprint. Initiatives include participating in Howard County’s free tree and recycling programs, using heated solar panels in community pools, fountains to ventilate green spaces, and LED lighting at association facilities. , among others. Additionally, 19 strategically located stormwater management ponds provide staging and food areas for waterfowl and other wildlife.

Emerson is committed to maintaining an environmentally responsible lifestyle and residential maintenance solutions for its owners. The association’s community code has been specifically written to preserve the look and feel of a natural “green community”. In 2021, the board of directors passed a resolution establishing a direct ratio of trees removed to trees replaced in the community. If a common tree is lost, it should be replaced in the community or in another nearby reforestation area.

The community has created several committees dedicated to improving the association’s environment. The Emerson Environment, Emerson Beautification, and Emerson Educates committees, respectively, all present initiatives to the Board of Directors for approval and then work closely with Associa CMC management staff to implement them. Current projects led by these committees include repainting community storm drains and cultivating gardens with native wildflowers for pollinators and butterflies.

Throughout the coming year, the association plans to install an educational trail on trees, implement community composting, invite speakers from local green initiatives to speak at meetings of the board of directors and continue its partnership with Howard Ecoworks on improving green infrastructure.

“Associa Green is committed to recognizing communities that go above and beyond to make a significant environmental impact through green lifestyle programs, initiatives and solutions that impact both their residents and the earth. Said Andrew Fortin, senior vice president of external affairs at Associa. “This year, we are proud to recognize Emerson Community Association as recipients of our Associa Green Award 2021. Members of its Board of Directors have demonstrated exceptional commitment to promoting green lifestyles and donating to their residents the opportunity to go green. We can’t wait to see what sustainable projects this community adopts in the years to come. “

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