Discovery Season 4 releases worldwide this week after the backlash


Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will be released internationally much earlier than originally announced, starting November 26 in select markets.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will now be released to the world much earlier than originally planned. When the exit plans for Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 was announced, international fans were disappointed to realize that they would not have access to the episodes at the same time as viewers in Canada and the United States. This was due to a change in international market plans for Paramount +, which airs the show. The first three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery aired on various services internationally, as Paramount + did not offer services globally.

With the desire and the plan of the streaming platform to expand into many other countries, the creators of Discovery indicated that the show will not be available in these new locations until Paramount + begins to operate. This meant that while the new season would start airing on November 18 for viewers in Canada and the United States, it was not expected to start airing until early 2022 for most countries. international. This information disappointed many fans, who felt they shouldn’t have to wait until the season was released.


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Due to this backlash, Paramount has now indicated that Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will be released earlier than expected. The ad was shared on the Star Trek official website. The statement was addressed explicitly to international fans of Discovery and mentioned that they would work to give them the show “as soon as possible.” The press release also describes the process Paramount followed to publish the season. They also offered fans in specific markets a discount on the first three months of Paramount + service.

“To all fans of International Star Trek: Discovery: We hear you. We love this series too. We love it for the amazing cast, hardworking team, imaginative storytelling, revolutionary and diverse characters that bring it to life. to the show and what it means to so many people around the world. Star Trek has always put its fans first. We want to do the same.

Therefore, during this transition, we are doing everything possible to bring you the new season as quickly as possible. Where Paramount + is available in Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay and Venezuela, the first two episodes will be available on Friday, November 26, with new episodes released every week. We’re also offering Star Trek fans in these markets a new Paramount + membership promotion for 50% off for the first three months with the code STARTREK.

In Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, Pluto TV, the leading free streaming TV service, will air new episodes at 9:00 p.m. local time on Pluto TV Sci- Fi every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a simulcast on the Star Trek channel in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It will begin with the first two episodes on Friday, November 26.

In the UK, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea and other select countries, we are also making Season 4 available for purchase on participating digital platforms starting Friday, November 26.

We too are super Star Trek fans and incredibly proud of Discovery. We promise to give this franchise and its loyal fans all the love and visibility it deserves around the world in our expanding universe on Paramount +. “

Sonequa Martin Green as Michael Burnham in Star Trek Discovery

International fans of Star Trek: Discovery can now watch episodes much earlier than the original slated for early 2022. However, the premiere will still be a week behind the air date in Canada and the United States. It looks like Paramount + has made short-term deals with a few streaming companies for Season 4 because, initially, Discovery was broadcast on Netflix in the international market. It’s unclear if every episode of Season 4 will air on these platforms or if Paramount + will host the season as soon as it hits a specific market.

This change in tactics is a pretty quick and somewhat surprising turnaround for a large content company like Paramount +. It shows that the company listens to its fans and takes into account what they say and their reactions, which does not often happen in today’s society. It’s nice to see Paramount + focus on what’s good for the consumer and the brand, not just the bottom line, allowing people around the world to benefit Star Trek: Discovery tandem.

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