Dialectica Launches B2B Investigations Service, Expanding Product Portfolio to Shape Better Business Decision-Making Worldwide

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–London based information services company, Dialectictoday announced the launch of the B2B Surveys service to enhance its comprehensive portfolio of bespoke analytics services. The proposal is designed to enable Dialectica’s clients – the world’s leading advisory, hedge fund and private equity firms to gather proprietary quantitative information using research methods that have historically been limited to the world of B2C information. The development of the product was born out of customer requests for a bespoke survey offering that matched the company’s expert interview proposal.

At a time when we see the appetite for validated and reliable trade information and market data skyrocketing around the world, businesses and investment professionals are looking for innovative ways to access primary research. and real-time insights to inform business decisions and evaluate billion-dollar investments. Opportunities. Dialectica’s B2B surveys proposition has been designed to ensure that clients can be confident that their research datasets are representative of their niche markets of interest and with the assurance that survey responses come from good B2B decision makers. The service offers a unique offering of survey design consulting, survey programming, personalized recruitment of expert respondents and visualization of survey results. Crucially, the service provides transparency into the identity of survey respondents and enables high-speed insight generation to meet tight M&A transaction and decision-making deadlines.

“Private equity, hedge fund and advisory firms compete for access to proprietary information and unique angles. Our B2B survey proposition was designed to enable Dialectica clients to generate differentiated quantified market insights where previously they had to rely on anecdotal qualitative narrative. Customers need fast access to real-time data and information to inform critical business decisions. Over the years, our clients have told us that they have successfully launched survey programs in B2C markets, but struggle to gather insights into B2B niche markets. Using a Dialectica B2B survey; clients are able to properly evidence decision-making in their board reports, investment committee documents and corporate strategy presentations,” said Fred Corkett, CEO and co-founder of Dialectica, who leads the company’s innovation unit.

Dialectica’s customer service team follows an agile research-driven approach. Rather than relying on a static database like many other traditional expert networking companies; the company starts with understanding the mandate the client is working on and continues with a complete mapping of the sector, market, value chain and company. A comprehensive research manual and in-depth understanding of client needs enables its research team to generate proprietary sources of intelligence from unique and hard-to-find sources of B2B knowledge in any industry across the globe. The company has hundreds of success stories in many markets, from commercial drones, biotechnology and medical imaging to agriculture, grocery and many more.

With a vision to shape better decision-making worldwideDialectica partners with the world’s largest investment and advisory firms, as well as the largest corporations, helping them gather real-time insights and market insights from industry experts on markets, industries and regions.

George Tsarouchas, CEO and co-founder of Dialectica said: “Helping our customers make smarter, better and faster decisions is our team’s number one priority and all of our services are designed with this in mind. In just three years, our workforce, dedicated to achieving unparalleled customer recognition, has grown from 100 to over 650 employees. As our team continues to grow at a rapid rate, we are investing heavily in building our proprietary cutting-edge technology, data assets, and robust compliance framework to deliver the highest quality of service.

Founded in 2015, Dialectica employs over 650 people in its offices in London, Athens, Montreal and Vancouver. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in 2022 and 2021 by the Financial Times and Statista. In 2021, Dialectica experienced 100% growth and was named Best Workplace in Europe for its continued commitment to investing in the development of its people and fostering a culture of trust and open communication. By 2025, Dialectica aims to reach the milestone of 1,200 team members across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Using innovative technologies, the company will continue to expand its business activities and develop more information service products over the next three to five years.

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