“Death Stranding” Gameplay Includes Global Collaboration


Hideo Kojima could introduce a new way for players to experience cooperative play in “Death stranding“, According to actor Mads Mikkelsen (” Casino Royale “,” Doctor Strange “).

Mikkelsen, who signed on for mocap and voicing a character in “Death stranding, recently spoke to Total movie magazine on his experiences working on the game. Death stranding So far we’ve seen Guillermo Del Toro’s character hiding from soldiers carrying a fetus in a tube, Norman Reedus’ character possibly carrying a fetus inside his body, and Mikkelsen’s character could be the mean one. Mikkelsen didn’t comment on the plot or character details, but did mention that players would need to “collaborate” in some parts of the gameplay.

“From what I understand, the whole concept of the game requires the collaboration of different people from different parts of the world, which is also another level of fantastic,” Mikkelsen said.

However, Mikkelsen’s comments on collaborative play could relate to different parts of the game world, not the “real” world. Mikkelsen’s “Death Stranding” co-star Reedus (TV’s The Walking Dead) recently described similar collaborative gameplay on the B&H Photography podcast in an interview with IGN.

“The concept is so mind-blowing because it’s not like ‘Kill everyone and win the game!’ It’s a connection thing. It’s like the opposite, ”Reedus said during the podcast. “It’s so ahead of its time, and there are social media elements in it, and the idea is that… So many games and so many parts of millennial culture are alone in a room, and you lose it. contact, physical contact, with people. It’s after that and the reestablishment of that physical contact. It’s great, super interesting.

Kojima is known for his complex storylines and interesting gameplay, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t create a typical shooter. He’s the man who made Psycho Mantis, after all. And the game’s creator is notorious for leaving arbitrary clues on his Twitter for fans to guess. Most recently, the internet went crazy when Kojima shared a photo of hills with an E3 “Death Stranding” countdown. PlayStation recently announced that “Death Stranding” will be one of the four major games in its E3 this year.

Even Mikkelsen admitted that it was still not clear what Kojima was creating in “Death stranding ” after working with him on the mocap sets.

“It was a bit surreal because obviously there is nothing. We do it all. It’s mo-cap. But the storyboard is so flawless, ”said Mikkelsen Total movie. “He (Kojima) tries to explain it over and over and over and I thought I had it, but then it happens and I lost it again. It’s too complicated. It’s too crazy. It is too beautiful. It was kind of like being in drama school: “Just jump in and improvise that scene. This is what happens. Don’t question it.

At least Kojima has confirmed the upcoming PS4 exclusive teaser “Death stranding “ will drop during E3. It might not answer many questions about the game, but it will likely give Kojima fans something to speculate in the subtitles until the next cryptic tweet drops.


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