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New York, NY, December 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Cureatr, Inc., a drug management optimization technology services company, today announced that it has launched an improved version of its website to focus on the important traction the company is gaining in helping health plans and at-risk provider organizations with its clinical telepharmacy medication reconciliation (MRP) service offering, alongside others clinical telepharmacy services triggered or activated by the company’s real-time data assets.

Since refocusing its mission in 2019 on fixing the $ 528 billion suboptimal drug management problem in the United States, Cureatr has deployed the most usable and efficient software into the hands of its customers and customers. its own compassionate clinicians so that the right clinical interventions are done at the right time to optimize drug use. As the market has evolved, Cureatr’s mission and vision have remained the same, but their understanding of the problem, how to solve it, and how to communicate customer value have evolved. Their new website is designed to communicate more effectively and provide a smoother experience.

First, the new website highlights Cureatr’s continued expansion of its telepharmacy clinic and better describes its clinical service offerings. While many of Cureatr’s supplier clients take advantage of its cutting-edge technology data and tools by providing them with the right information to optimize medication management, their health plan clients are leveraging these tools in the hands of the team. Cureatr clinical pharmacists. Expansion of Telepharmacy Clinic services includes MRP, improved adherence metrics, deprescribing, and comprehensive medication management – these are services that depend on Cureatr’s unique real-time data set so that interventions improve patient outcomes.

The updated website also caters more directly to each of the three beneficiaries of the company’s solutions, with specific messages and content for providers, payers and, most importantly, patients.

Finally, the company has learned that while many of the capabilities of its software can help solve suboptimal drug management, the real value of Cureatr’s solutions and services lies not in its capabilities but in how it resolves the various issues. challenges associated with medication management. The new website focuses on challenges and solutions rather than the capabilities of its clinic and software. The main elements of suboptimal medication management on which Cureatr has chosen to focus its efforts are medication reconciliation (especially when triggered by admission or discharge), non-adherence to treatment, unnecessary polypharmacy and management of condition-specific drugs. The new site addresses each of these challenges and how Cureatr’s unique and superior blend of clinical data, technology and telepharmacists addresses them.

“Cureatr’s mission, our why, remains unchanged,” said Richard Resnick, CEO of Cureatr. “As the market has evolved, the way we accomplish our mission and what we do to accomplish it has evolved. What we are focused on now is providing provider and payer organizations with the best clinical telepharmacy services on the market and how we do it by giving our world-class team the best data and technology to perform these assessments. Our new website clearly communicates these changes while providing a simpler and more valuable experience for our audience.

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Cureatr is a technology-based clinical telepharmacy dedicated to repairing the US $ 528 billion suboptimal drug management problem by helping healthcare plans, healthcare organizations and patients improve ensure that medications are taken appropriately, effectively and most importantly, safely. Cureatr approaches sub-optimal medication management with an army of board-certified, residency-trained clinical telepharmacists with years of expertise in safe and effective medication administration, working night and day. day by phone, video, email and secure SMS. Our team is armed with unmatched software and real-time patient medication and clinical history data to improve medication reconciliation and adherence, reduce unnecessary polypharmacy, and improve chronic care management. Why? Because we believe that when patient medication data is straightforward, accessible and transparent at the point of care, patients can be treated from a holistic view of overall health and happiness.

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