Creating a better future: Innovative technology helps people around the world

The global community is currently navigating the realities of life with advanced technology. Innovators have a unique opportunity to use their creations for positive change. As technology advances by leaps and bounds, its ability to solve problems in new and fascinating ways also increases. The application of these developing technologies can be helpful in solving problems that affect people all over the world. Check out the latest ways tech has been used for good below.

Technology Decreases Disability Struggles
People with disabilities constantly find it difficult to perform certain daily tasks. Children with disabilities often struggle to participate in common childhood activities like drawing and playing. A prosthesis has emerged that allows these children to draw, play and eat independently through a printed hand support In 3D. Similar affordable and accessible assistive technologies have been developed to provide systemic solutions to systemic problems. Learn about the teams that created these devices here.

Technology enables progress
Additionally, technology can contribute to global aid by accelerating education programs and empowering students. The World ORT Science Journey organization has helped teach STEM and coding to disadvantaged women in Ghana, where it is crucial that women receive support to achieve educational equity.

Technology saves lives
Technological devices have also been shown to provide protection to people in threatening circumstances. Inovytec has created the SALI First Aid System that helps guide passers-by to take action in the event of a cardiac or medical emergency. This technology accompanies people who wish to help each other in stressful and life-determining scenarios.

Technology brings relief
Another business aims to equip people with the resources to survive. NUFiltration was able to help civilians in Haiti after the 2021 earthquake by giving them access to clean drinking water. The communities affected by the tragic event were devastated; fortunately, NUFiltration’s innovative technology was able to aid disaster recovery efforts.

Each of the organizations we have mentioned was founded in Israel. After initial testing and in-home pilot projects, they were able to expand and reach wider and more remote populations to offer their services. Israelis strive to globalize their successful techniques in order to help and advance societies around the world, especially when troubles arise. To read more articles about Israel’s focus on global aid, as well as past and current humanitarian efforts, visit:

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