Chase Buchanan Wealth Management continues its global expansion

Paphos, Cyprus, March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chase Buchanan Wealth Management is embarking on a dynamic expansion, establishing private wealth management centers across Europe and beyond to provide knowledgeable support to foreign nationals living in Cyprus. ‘foreigner.

As a market-leading team of private wealth managers and an experienced global asset management team, Chase Buchanan focuses on long-term client relationships and tailored advice to ensure that UK expats and foreign nationals around the world make informed judgments about their financial future.

Regulated Financial Advisors

From its European headquarters, the private wealth management firm provides EU-regulated advice, authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with a full licence. In a rapidly changing world impacted by endless political instability, fast-changing scenarios and market opportunities, Accredited Financial Advisors at each location assist a wide range of expatriates in developing strategic plans for managing private heritage.

International Private Wealth Management

Locations available for private financial advice include:

  • Cyprus: Chase Buchanan’s head office recently moved to Paphos, the fourth largest city and home to 50% of British nationals in Cyprus, which remains one of the most popular European island destinations for British expats.
  • Spain: Infrastructure development and coastal migration continue to lead to an increase in the number of expatriates living in Spain. The Marbella Chase Buchanan team supports clients including cross-border investors, retirees and entrepreneurs.
  • Portugal: Often cited as one of the best retirement destinations in the EU, Portugal and the Algarve are sought-after locations for investments, tourism businesses and retirement where personalized financial planning is essential.
  • Belgium: Chase Buchanan’s financial advisers in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, are highly experienced in this multilingual country, with advantages in terms of culture, stability and as an intersection for business operations across the EU and the world. ‘EEA.
  • Canada: British expats looking for resettlement experiences further afield often regard Canada as a country with a highly regarded education system, one of the strongest economies in the world and an extremely stable banking system.
  • Malta: Chase Buchanan’s financial advisors in Malta work with a range of foreign nationals living abroad, including EU citizens relocating to Malta to enjoy favorable living standards and business prospects.

Chase Buchanan Wealth Management Services

As specialists in financial advice for foreign nationals living abroad, Chase Buchanan’s private wealth management services cover retirement planning, investments, education expenses and pension transfers. global.

Lee Eldridge, Group CEO Chase Buchanan, says: “Chase Buchanan is at the forefront of private wealth management and tax with a specialization in UK nationals living abroad, we aspire to provide the best levels of financial advice service in the industry.

We have focused on our expansion phase to strengthen our physical presence in key locations for foreign nationals living abroad, with the right people and the right structures available respecting the right financial regulations.

For details of advice available to UK expats at any of the Chase Buchanan locations, read our financial services.

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