Cardea uses CYPHER LEARNING to improve training for health and social service organizations

Driving positive change for more than 50 years, Cardea has provided social impact assessment, policy advancement, capacity development and professional learning services to health and social service organizations. A national organization led by women of color, Cardea helps health and social service providers deliver exceptional and culturally competent services to their communities.

With an extensive library of learning content covering a variety of topics, Cardea needed a platform to host its training courses and support its robust continuing education efforts, while ensuring a flexible, self-paced learning experience. The organization was impressed with MATRIX’s highly visual and intuitive interface, learner engagement and reporting options, and user reviews. Cardea uses MATRIX to:

  • Provide training and professional development courses – including on topics that address economic well-being, equity and justice, health and more – to the constituencies it serves. Many courses offer continuing medical education, continuing nursing education and continuing social work education, and participants include health and social service providers, community health workers, nurses, doctors and social workers.
  • Organize national training centers deliver course content to a variety of learners in the field of public health, to meet the need for capacity development and workforce training.
  • Move legacy in-person training events to an online environmentwhich has proven especially useful in supporting today’s remote and hybrid workforce.
  • Use gamification — use games in courses, badges and leaderboards to increase learner engagement.

“Providing accessible, high-quality training that meets the needs of our many audiences is a key priority for us,” said Otis Lee, Director of Design and Learning Experience at Cardea. “We are thrilled to partner with CYPHER LEARNING to help make learning successful. We appreciated their pace of innovation – with new features constantly being added to MATRIX – and easy access to support, both online and by the talented CYPHER. The Ed Tech team. With the MATRIX platform and our course content, we pride ourselves on delivering dynamic learning experiences that enhance learning outcomes.”

An intelligent learning platform (ILP) for enterprises, MATRIX makes it easy to create and deliver the best online training for employees, customers and partners. Organizations around the world use MATRIX to improve onboarding, optimize training, reduce training costs, and equip employees with the right skills to do the job in an ever-changing business landscape. MATRIX acts as a central hub for all e-learning activities, whether delivering effective training, evaluating training performance, facilitating collaboration, or selling e-learning courses.

“We help Cardea drive equity and advancement through education,” said CYPHER LEARNING CEO Graham Glass. “We both believe passionately in the power of learning and creating engaging learning experiences. Our platform helps organizations like Cardea deliver effective and memorable training that drives retention and improves business results.”

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CYPHER LEARNING provides an intelligent learning platform that enables schools, businesses and entrepreneurs around the world to reinvent online education and deliver the best learning experiences. CYPHER LEARNING offers solutions for all major e-learning industries: NEO LMS for K-20, MATRIX LMS for enterprises and INDIE LMS for entrepreneurs. Trusted by millions of users in over 20,000 organizations, CYPHER LEARNING supports over 40 languages ​​and has offices worldwide with global headquarters in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

About Cardea Services

Cardea is a national organization led by women of color with 50 years of experience in social impact assessment, policy advancement, capacity development and professional learning. Cardea envisions a world in which optimal health and well-being, equity and justice are realities for all communities. Cardea addresses complex program, policy, and system issues by co-creating solutions centered on community strengths and wisdom. For more information, visit


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