Brahma Kumaris org is transforming the lives of over millions of people around the world through spiritual knowledge: Birla

Lok Sabha President Om Birla said today that the Brahma Kumaris organization has transformed the lives of millions around the world through its teachings on spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga meditation.

He said this while launching an India-wide campaign by the Brahma Kumaris organization to observe 2022-23 as the “year of spiritual empowerment for kindness and compassion,” during a function. public held at Talkatora Stadium here.

Birla said that the inner empowerment of people, especially students, youth, women and the weakest sections of society, is imperative to fostering the fundamental qualities and virtues of peace, love, the kindness and compassion that is key to the collective and collaborative growth and development of India.

The Lok Sabha Chairman further emphasized that “if we wish to overcome anger, greed, ego and attachments, we must embrace kindness and compassion.”

He said that to celebrate Desh Ki Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, the Brahma Kumaris organization has chosen this appropriate Canopy theme for the year which is capable of unifying not only the whole of India but also the entire humanity at through spiritual sons of universal brotherhood and a worldwide family.

Rajyogi BK Brijmohan, Addl. Secy. General of Brahma Kumaris, emphasizing the canopy theme, said that throughout the year there will be programs and campaigns all over India to enable people to embrace spiritual wisdom, virtues and meditation as a natural way of life.

He said the Bhagvat Gita also emphasizes Budhi Yoga, intellectual communion with God or rajyoga, not hathyoga.

Rajyogini BK Asha, Indian coordinator of Kalp Taru national planting project, said that the Brahma Kumaris organization, through its thousands of raj yoga centers in India, will plant over 40 lakh trees, with the motto “1 person plants 1 sapling” that will help people become respectful of nature and the environment and minimize the harmful effects of climate change.

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