Bitcoin Latinum Launches World’s First Bitcoin Compatible NFT


PALO ALTO, Calif., November 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM), the next generation of insured and asset-backed cryptocurrency, in partnership with Unico NFT, launches an NFT marketplace that offers thousands works of art that can be bought and sold exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM). It is the world’s first platform that offers the ability to buy, sell and trade NFTs using cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum-type currencies. Using patent pending technology, Unico provides ways to buy NFT using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum.

This will open up new opportunities for people who want to own digital works of art or collectibles and also unlock the enormous liquidity available throughout the crypto space. It will also solve the typical problems of using the Ethereum blockchain such as high fees and low transaction speed.

Monsoon Blockchain, the blockchain development platform behind Bitcoin Latinum, has attempted to disrupt the crypto industry with innovative technological solutions. In an effort to progress into the latest NFT space, the platform has partnered with Unico to launch a decentralized NFT marketplace called UnicoNFT. The marketplace offers a wide array of collections, auctions, live action, and many popular categories including entertainment, pop culture, games, influencers, and celebrities.

NFTs use the blockchain to record ownership and provenance of digital items such as pictures, videos, collectibles, and even land in virtual worlds. According to Decrypt, the NFT market produced $ 10.67 billion in transaction volume in the third quarter of 2021, eight times more than the previous quarter and $ 328 million in 2020. To date, NFTs have been linked to the Ethereum blockchain, but UnicoNFT is the first NFT marketplace to use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum for NFT transactions, thus opening up more options and allowing everyone to participate in the NFT world.

“We believe that NFTs mark the start of widespread blockchain adoption by end consumers,” said Dr Donald Basile (CEO of Monsoon Blockchain Corporation), adding that “we expect 5 to 10 times the number of consumers currently involved in digital assets adopt them over the next 24 months. “

Bitcoin Latinum was designed as an open architecture cryptocurrency technology capable of handling large transaction volume, cybersecurity, and digital asset management. Based on the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin Latinum was developed by Monsoon Blockchain Corporation on behalf of the Bitcoin Latinum Foundation. LTNM is a greener, faster, and more secure version of Bitcoin, and is poised to revolutionize digital transactions.

Unlike other crypto assets, LTNM is insured and backed by real and digital assets. Its asset backing is held in a fund model, so the value of the base asset increases over time. It accelerates this growth of asset-backed funds by depositing 80% of the transaction costs in the asset fund that backs the currency. Thus, the more Bitcoin Latinum is adopted, the faster its asset fund grows, creating a self-inflating currency.

Bitcoin Latinum currently trades publicly on HitBTC (the fifth largest exchange by volume at $ 4 billion), (formerly Exchange and operating with $ 3.3 billion in daily trading volume), AAX Exchange ($ 1.3 billion in daily volume), LBank Exchange ($ 1.35 billion in daily volume), Hotbit, and DigiFinex. Monsoon Blockchain, the main developer of Bitcoin Latinum, has announced plans to officially list Bitcoin Latinum on four other exchanges, including Bitmart ($ 1.6 billion in daily volume), Changelly, and Changelly Pro from here. the end of 2021.

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, an innovative blockchain company based in Palo Alto, California, has been selected by Bitcoin Latinum as a founding partner. Monsoon focuses on innovative cloud solutions in the blockchain ecosystem, leveraging the latest blockchain technology to develop powerful business solutions that enable digitization and asset listing successfully in a variety of industries, including financial services , telecommunications, media and entertainment. Dr Donald Basile, CEO and Founder of Monsoon, is the former CEO of Fusion IO, a company known to play a major role in implementing cloud systems at Apple and Facebook as well as partnerships with HP, IBM and Dell .

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