2022 International “Floodfighter” SAR & Flood Incident Strategic Management Masterclass

2022 International “Floodfighter” SAR & Flood Incident Strategic Management Masterclass short course in ‘All-Hazards Approach to Major Floods and Incident Intelligence’ is offered by the Professional Rescue Academy supported by the International Lifesaving Federation and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. (Subject to C-19 restrictions and travel availability.) “Floodfighters Master Classes” have over a decade and a half of history in enhancing international collaboration to gain a better understanding of tactics and techniques to improve response to major floods.

Why? Severe weather threatening cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms and floods leading to disasters all over the world continue, 2021 has seen “unprecedented”, but sadly predictable, loss of life everywhere – in countries developed and developing around the world. According to a report by the European Environment Agency on floods in Europe, about “increase in flood losses”, “the increase in floods will only continue. The study predicts that flooding events will increase seventeen times by 2080.” Study Period

A 6-day face-to-face workshop from July 17 to 23, 2022 at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Indiana, USA. There will be presentations on lessons learned, a “review of past major events” and their obstacles to success. Lessons in ‘Strategy & Tactics for various types of events’. Delivered by presenters of the highest levels and experience in handling and resolving major incidents, disasters and challenges.

Study Profile The course focuses on periods when delegates travel to different simulated scenario sites and perform assessments on these “props” while receiving realistic injections from experts. Delegates will move on to “Developing Incident Action Plans” for assigned scenarios, followed by critical feedback to enhance personal and professional development. Major floods cause significant hazards, and many of them involve “normal business” incidents. This class will explore common tools to address these incidents, not just major floods, with an all-hazards approach that responders will face in these circumstances.

Thus, allowing delegates to experience a range of command and management issues under “exercise scenario” conditions. The course includes sessions on preparing and conducting a field assessment, negotiation skills and decision management. Experts will present the tactical and strategic issues of using GIS and UAS for incident intelligence and incident resolution.

Drowning is the third biggest killer in the world. In fact, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. It is estimated that 236,000 people die annually from drowning worldwide. Global estimates may significantly underestimate the actual public health problem related to drowning. Children, men and people with increased access to water are most at risk of drowning.

Surprisingly, 70% of drownings occur following a disaster. *UN figures.

The class includes “Understanding the use of ‘SAR UAS’ (drones) for incident intelligence, reconnaissance and search”. Include “Documenting the use of UAS during disasters and event resolution”.

Professional Rescue Academy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are CPD Certified upon submission and approval by an independent industry professional approving body as providing the relevant hours of Continuing Professional Development activity.

Fee Information

The charge is 2750-00p sterling (UK GBP) per person all found locally (residential) including pick up (landing July 17 and departing July 23) from Cincinnati airport to at the site. (Excluding return travel costs from home airport to Cincinnati, etc.) Fees are due once you have been accepted onto the course and do NOT cover costs related to participation (travel, accommodation outside those indicated) in the face-to-face workshop.

How to register

Applications are welcome from representatives of tactical and strategic stakeholders worldwide in police/law enforcement, utility agencies, fire and rescue services, lifeguards, medical services emergency, emergency planning, public health and hazardous materials response organizations. supported by their agency or authority.

Applications and inquiries can be submitted online via this email address to: [email protected]

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